Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Mother's Manifesto

[This was written shortly after my children were born, and revised not too long ago]

I will not encumber the garden of creativity that blossoms inside you. You are a creation of wonder and joy.
I will not scar you with my own failures, or weigh you down with unfulfilled dreams. You are a being unblemished by experience.
I will not take you for granted or slight you in anyway. You are a miracle of hope and chance.
I will listen and learn and grow with you. You teach me to be a better person.
I will help you affect change in yourself and the world. You have changed me for the better.
I will guide you with kind discipline and sincerity. You see the world with innocence and wonder.
I will instill morals and honesty in you, but still gift you with choice and free will. You have taught me to be kind and generous to others.
I will encourage you and promote you in your endeavors and relationships. You make me laugh with joy.
I will walk beside you on your journeys, never ahead or behind. Your unmarred love for me lifts me up.
I will open doors for you, whether they are seen or implied. Your sense of wonder and admiration is inspiring. I will ensure that your existence is never compromised. You are loved and wanted.
I will keep my promises at all costs. Your passionate nature warms my heart.
I will help to make sure your loyalties are never divided. Your independence is amazing.
I will protect you from seen and unseen evils. You are good and pure.
I will surround you with kind and caring environments. Your imagination is a thing of wonder.
I will be as honest with you as I am with myself. Your openness delights me.
I will open my heart, arms and home to you always, without judgment or conditions. Your thoughtfulness is admirable.
I will stand back and let you make your own mistakes. You have given me the gift of happiness.
I will be by your side when you need to right your wrongs. You are a strong person.
I will show you by example that it’s okay to be wrong. Because of you, I know how to fail.
I will teach you to dance instead of walk, to sing instead of talk, to radiate instead of be. You changed my world forever the day you were born.
I will be your best friend, even when you think you don’t need me anymore. You are capable and necessary in my life.
I will be your mother, even when you think you don’t need me anymore. You are the sun and moon.
I will love you freely, unconditionally, without question or censure. You are everything.


  1. This made me cry. Not just 'well up' but shake and shed tears. Thank you for putting words to the blessed state that is Motherhood.

  2. This is absolutely perfect.

    PS. I love how it contrasts with your fridayflash :-)